“ This is the third venue you have designed for our group - and it’s the best one yet! The Designfocus team have again exceeded our expectations with this brilliant new cafe”. Carlo La Rosa, Founder & CEO

Italian Fast Food Cafe

This was the third lunch cafe designed for Mr Carlo LaRosa - adopting the Italian “Rosticceria” style - for fresh Italian fast food.

A modern theme was agreed upon, to contrast the 100 year old 4 storey terrace building, sandwiched between high-rise buildings on George Street Sydney.

The cafe was spread over 3 levels, with the ground floor being the kitchen, the retail counters and cashier. The first floor was dedicated to general seating and featured a bespoke clock recessed into the wall, a vaulted ceiling with concealed lighting and custom moulded glass wall sconces.

The basement was primarily for functions, but also acted as an overflow area, when the main seating areas were full. The design of the basement was also different to the floors above, to create an individual presence.

Original timbers from the site were salvaged and recycled and used for the treads of the contemporary glass, steel and timber staircase to the first floor and for the custom stools and bench tops on the ground floor.


Ross1 counter.jpg
Ross2 benches & stools.jpg