An exciting new concept using virtual reality and future augmented reality

Sendro Group, founded by Amir Zonoozi - is an innovative creative studio, leading the way in fully immersive visual representations, through the use of VR - Virtual Reality.

Although it’s “early days”, AR - Augmented Reality, promises to be an even greater breakthrough for architectural design and presentations.

Amir 050519.JPG

New Technologies are developing and changing on an almost daily basis and Amir and his team have the passion to provide bespoke solutions for you, to achieve cohesive marketing and presentation campaigns with exceptional results, utilising the very latest technologies.

VR shows your clients the levels of fit and finish, allows them to take a look out of the windows and experience an actual view - and walk through the spaces - long before construction has commenced.

VR is a tool that ensures consistent messaging for your development or product - and your brand.