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“Your William Street showroom concept for the launch of the Marque into Australia, is exactly what we envisioned. I regret that we couldn’t proceed with the business plan that was submitted”. McLaren Automotive, Woking, Surrey. England

McLaren Automotive Franchise Proposal

When automobile importer Ateco Automotive Group - Mr Neville Crichton decided to tender for the McLaren Automotive franchise for Australia, he called on Designfocus Resource to prepare the showroom concept designs, to accompany his business plan.

Mr Crichton had previously worked with Peter Rektor and the Designfocus team, in his successful bid to secure the Ferrari and Maserati franchise, prior to Ferrari establishing their own presence in Australia and Asia.

The Ateco Group bid for the McLaren franchise was unfortunately unsuccessful, as McLaren preferred to award the contract to an entity that didn’t represent a marque, that produced cars in a similar category to their own.

McLaren Automotive commented favourably on the high quality and suitability of the Designfocus proposal, within the bid.


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