Retail Stores



Most furniture showrooms look more or less the same with only minor variations to the details.

Generally, the showrooms retailing more expensive furniture have less display with more circulation and open space and the showrooms retailing less expensive furniture have more items on display - packed in tighter with less open space and less circulation space.

Some have dividing screens in one form or another while others do not - and just place everything into an open space.

Most showrooms have large posters - illuminated or non-illuminated, of people sitting on the furniture with some positive marketing words about the product or the brand.

The reason for the two concepts of layout display mainly relates to the perceived upmarket and exclusivity of the expensive furniture - that due to its higher purchase price, requires the sale of fewer items to cover the overheads.

The lower priced furniture is more often promoted in discount sales - and customers generally perceive a packed showroom displaying items crammed in together, as an indication that there is a bargain to had - which is sometimes true and sometimes not.

So is this the “end-all” and “be-all” of furniture retailing?  Definitely not.